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“Helping others feel and look beautiful and seeing how happy it makes them is such a fulfilling and wonderful experience.  I strive for that “wow! I Love it” moment everyday.  My goal is to enhance and give each client a beautiful look that complements their personal style and makes them feel gorgeous.  Having micropigmentation on my own face has been the best beauty decision I have ever made.  I love the convenience and how natural it looks, nobody ever knows its permanent makeup.”  

Kiki Borlin brings a unique set of skills to her profession.  She worked as a professional oil portrait artist before finding her true passion as a permanent makeup artist.  Her extensive experience mixing oil colors gives her an advantage in mixing and matching her permanent cosmetics colors to complement her clients eyebrows, hair, eyes and skin tone.  Permanent cosmetics, like body tattooing is an art.  Knowing how to implant pigment properly into the skin is crucial, but more importantly it must be done artfully.  Her Eye for detail and her knowledge of facial structures and features has evolved into her specializing in enhancing and bringing out the most beauty in her clients,  and still maintaining a natural beautiful look.  

Kiki received her  Certification in Micropigmentation from an (AAM) American Academy of Micropigmentation and (SPCP) the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Certified School.  She stays current on the latest industry trends, products, procedures and technology.  And continues to update her knowledge and skills by attending seminars, workshops and colleague networking in order to maintain the highest level of proficiency, artistry and environmental and client safety.

She genuinely cares and loves helping people look and feel beautiful.  She takes the time  to listen and understand what her clients want and makes sure they are happy and satisfied with their permanent cosmetics.

Kiki Borlin

How we guarantee

you’ll love your Beautifulook

Our steps to ensure that you'll Love the Results

We begin with taking precise measurements and drawing on your makeup with an erasable pencil and only proceeding after your approval.

Then we apply your custom mixed pigments in precise layers, and you are able to check the work in progress to ensure you get the look that you want.

Finally, after 4 weeks you come back for you Perfection Visit, which is included in the price. This is where you can make changes if you wish to get the final results that you desire.

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