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What does a procedure involve?

Your first step will be to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and the procedures which you are interested in. Or you can book an appointment for the procedure you would like performed that same day.

Kiki will discuss the shape which would be most flattering for your face as well as the color which will harmonize with your skin’s undertones. Kiki is an artist and is very skilled at blending pigment for a client’s skin tone as well as enhancing their natural beauty.

On the day of the procedure she will work with you to determine your preferences along with determining the perfect shape for your face. The makeup will be drawn on first with an erasable pencil so you can see the shape, and she will only begin after your approval. Then the pigment will be applied in thin layers so you will be able to check the work to get the look that you desire.

Lastly you will come back for your Perfection Visit after the color has settled into the skin in 4-6 weeks, which is included in your price.

Kiki works conservatively, so changes can be made based on your desired results. This can give a client time to adjust to the look of having their beauty enhanced with pigments.

What will my new permanent cosmetics look like?

Right after your procedure, the pigment will look about 30% more vibrant then the final result.

The color will start to lighten in a few days as your skin starts to lightly exfoliate, this covers the pigment so that it may appear that the color is faded or gone. After those layers completely slough off, the underlying neutralized pigment can be seen.
Will permanent cosmetics change or look bad as I age?
Permanent cosmetics will fade gradually over time, so there will not be an obvious change in your appearance. As the color fades you may choose to return for a touch-up to refresh the color or just let it fade gradually. You can also change the color and shape as you age.

Natural is always the best way to go! With permanent cosmetics the goal you want to achieve is to wake up looking refreshed and beautiful.
How do I get started?

Just email us, give us a call or text us, whatever is convenient and comfortable for you, and we’ll do the rest. You can also book an appointment online. Click here to go to the contact page.
Can I keep my own brow hair?

Once you and Kiki have decided on the best brow shape, any hair within that shape can stay and will only make the work look more natural. Any hair outside the shape can be waxed or tweezed just as you would normally do with your normal brow maintenance, except now you have a pattern that makes it easy to keep your beautiful brow shape.
Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

The cosmetic implantation technique deposits color pigment into the upper layer of the skin and is considered permanent because it cannot be washed off. Beautifulook does not use traditional tattoo ink (dye) that is designed to stay for life. We use a top of the line permanent cosmetics pigment, that is more delicate and designed to work with the skin’s undertones and gradually fade over time. Every person’s skin is different regarding pigment retention, it usually lasts 2 to 5 years. Factors which effect longevity of permanent cosmetics are: color selected, age, health, thickness of skin, scarring of skin, use of skin care products, injectables, laser treatments, medication and sun exposure. You will need periodic refreshing of color, depending on how light the shade of implanted pigment was, as well as factors mentioned above. Or you can just let it fade gradually if you wish.
What is the difference between Permanent & Semi Permanent Makeup or Cosmetics?

What ever someone calls it they are both a Tattoo. If your artist is using high quality pigments intended for Permanent makeup then they are designed to fade over time. Be cautious of technicians using equipment and low cost inks intended for body art tattoos, these will be permanent and eventually turn blue.
What if I am planning to have plastic surgery?

Many women choose to have eyeliner done before face lifts so they will look better during the recovery period. If you are considering a brow lift, wait until after the healing process before having your brow procedure. The same applies to permanent lip procedures, wait until after you see your doctor for a post-op visit.
What if I am going to have lip fillers?

You should have your permanent cosmetic lip procedure done before you have fillers. Fillers may make the color heal weaker and sometimes make the lip color look “cool”. If you have already had lip fillers it is a good idea to wait 4 to 6 weeks before having your permanent lip procedure done.

Do I have to prepare before a procedure?

It is very Important If you have ever had a cold sore in the past that you get an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. They usually instruct to take it for 2 days before to prevent a possible outbreak.

If you have a color preference for a lip procedure, please bring your favorite lipstick for us to use as a reference.

If you are getting eyeliner, you will need to remove your eye makeup and contact lenses prior to the procedure. You can do this in our office if you wish. Have glasses available if you wear contact lenses for after the procedure.

What if I have a big event coming up, how long before should I schedule my procedure?

Schedule your procedure a minimum of 4 weeks before a big event so the pigment will have time to settle into your skin and neutralize, it may appear a bit vibrant at first. And a minimum of 4 weeks before a sun filled vacation to let your skin heal. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat should be worn.

Will my Permanent Cosmetics Look Natural?

Yes, it will look very natural. BeautifuLook can create as natural of a look as you want. Kiki can apply your Permanent Cosmetics to look as if you have no makeup on at all, just beautifully enhanced eyes, eyebrows or lips so you always look beautiful. This is very popular with Women as well as Men to achieve a more youthful appearance.

If you want to look like you always have your makeup on, that can be achieved as well. It also looks very natural and soft because the pigment is in your skin, not on top like conventional makeup which can appear harsh.

What if I am using Latisse? Can I still get an eyeliner procedure?

It is very important to stop using Latisse at least 4 to 6 weeks before having a permanent eyeliner procedure. Do not start to use Latisse until at least 4 weeks after you have completed your final procedure.

I had an unsatisfactory lip, eyeliner or brow procedure done elsewhere, can BeautifuLook fix it?

A big portion of our procedures are correcting bad work done elsewhere. If it is just a mild color correction it can be done at the same time as your scheduled procedure. If it is a severe color correction then it may require an additional appointment to properly correct it. In the case of an undesirable shape that goes outside your desired shape, a “Tattoo Removal” may be necessary before proceeding. A consultation is necessary to determine what kind of correction is needed.

How long does each procedure take?

The initial procedure will generally take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. The follow up Perfection Visit usually does not require as much time as the initial procedure.

What is the difference between the Soft Hand Technique and the use of a Digital Instrument to perform the procedure?

BeautifuLook uses a state of the art German-made digital instrument by Nouveau Contour. It is the Rolls Royce of such instruments. Some technicians use a hand method marketed as “Soft.” The name implies a more gentle technique or procedure, but the name is a misnomer as it is not a softer or superior method than the one used by our digital instrument.

Clients who have had procedures done elsewhere with the hand method have remarked that BeautifuLook’s treatments are far smoother and more comfortable. This makes sense because the human hand is not a machine and cannot replicate the exact stroke at the exact depth in the skin consistently. This is an important point, because if you do not get consistency you can have skipping of color or risk going too deep or not deep enough, which gives a poor technical result.
Is the procedure painful?

BeautifuLook uses the strongest top of the line topical anesthetics available to numb the area and minimize any discomfort. Once the topical anesthetic takes effect, most clients report that they feel no discomfort during their procedures. The sensation to pain will vary between clients, and a few say it feels about the same as plucking their eyebrows. Some clients report the eyeliner procedure tickles a bit. The amazing results and long years of looking great will certainly be worth it.
Is Permanent Cosmetics expensive?

Not if you look at long term cost and effect. BeautifuLooks procedures actually costs little compared to long term daily make-up expenses. Permanent make up doesn’t run or wash off! Consider it a beautiful investment in yourself.

BeautifuLook’s practice consists of nearly 1/3 of services which are corrective procedures from bad work done elsewhere. When you go bargain shopping for the lowest price, the work you receive may be reflective with unsatisfactory results. Your face is too important to chance having such important work done by a technician who does not have the experience, training or artistic talent to achieve the best result.
Is Permanent Cosmetics appropriate for men?

Yes, it is very common and acceptable for men to have lip color tint, lash enhancements, eyebrow hair strokes and hair follicle simulation performed by BeautifuLook. It is very natural looking and usually no one can notice that you have had anything done, just that you look well rested and better.

For men who have had face lifts it is possible to camouflage face lift scars or add hair strokes to enhance the sideburns that may have been moved.
Are there safety issues that I should be concerned with?

Your safety is our number 1 concern. BeautifuLook adheres to strict OSHA and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standers for a clean and sanitary work environment.
I never had permanent makeup before. I was always afraid of it because of seeing bad results on people I saw in public. Then my friend got it done and I was so amazed at how natural and beautiful it looked on her. She recommended BeautifuLook and I went ahead and got my eyebrows done. I can’t believe how good they look and how much time it saves me every morning...
Ann D (from Costa Mesa)

I have had my eyeliner, brows and lips done throughout the years from other businesses and I have never been as happy with them as I am with BeautifuLook. It looks really natural and soft and now I will never go anywhere else...
Darla (from San Clemente)

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the wonderful job you did on my Lips, Eyeliner and Eyebrows. I run a bed and breakfast and now I can greet my guests looking great at any time of the day or night, without having to put any makeup on. Thank you so much...
Christina (from Sweden)

I am a man in my mid 70’s and all I had for eyebrows was two small gray patches above my eyes. I was talked into getting my eyebrows done, I was so nervous that it would look fake and like women's brows. I went to BeautifuLook and they did the 3D hair strokes, it looks so natural no one can ever tell its Permanent Makeup. Thank you...
Hans from (San Clemente)

I’m a 50 year old man that needed a little help, because my lips faded and blended with my skin and my eyes lacked definition. So I got a lash enhancement and my lips tinted. It’s the first time I ever did anything like this and I am really happy with the results. BeautifuLook did a great job, and the best thing is that no one knows not even my closest friends, they just think I look great and well rested...
Larry (from Los Angeles)

I’ve been a natural beach girl my whole life and barely ever wore any makeup, and now that I just turned 50 I wanted to refresh my looks, and still keep that natural look. I am so happy I went to BeautifuLook, they did my upper and lower eyelash enhancement with just a little extra liner on top. People tell me I have beautiful eyes now and I haven't heard that in many years...
Liz (from Laguna Niguel)

Thank you BeautifuLook for doing such a great job on my full face permanent makeup. I just started with the Eyeliner and then had my Brows and Lips done as well after seeing how beautiful my eyeliner turned out. Best wishes...
Vera (from Costa Mesa)


Beautifulook specifically designs your eyeliner to bring out and enhance the beauty of your unique eyes. So you look your most beautiful.
The most natural looking eyeliner. It’s applied in between your natural lashes to look like you have naturally thick lashes. Frames your eyes without looking like you have makeup on. Popular with both Male and Female clients.

Designed to fit your unique style. Wake up everyday with your makeup on. Smooth and thin to bold and sexy cat eyes. Designer accent colors available.


Beautifulook designs your eyebrow shape to accentuate the beauty of your eyes, features and shape of your face along with your individual style. This is done by taking precise measurements to insure even beautifully shaped eyebrows. Color is mixed to match and complement your individual skin tone and hair color.

The most natural looking eyebrows. Individual hairs are precisely layered in multiple pigment tones to mimic your own eyebrow hairs. Perfect to fill in or reshape a sparse eyebrow, or create a natural looking brow where non exists. Men love this procedure because of how natural it looks.

A full soft filled eyebrow. Mimics the look of eyebrow pencils and powders. Perfect for someone who wants a beautiful fuller brow with a soft texture.


Get Beautiful younger looking, symmetrical and fuller lips in either a soft and natural blush tint or full color that mimics lipstick. Imagine never having to apply lip stick that bleeds and smears, or reapplying lip tints through out the day.

A soft and natural opaque/sheer lip tint that is applied to your full lips to restore a youthful natural looking blush of color and symmetry to your lips.

Your choice of vibrant or soft lip colors that mimic lip stick that stays on and luscious all day and night. Beautifulook corrects symmetry and defines and restores the lip line with or without the look of a lip liner. A lasting fuller lip can be achieved without the use of fillers.

A lip liner is softly blended in with your natural lip color to restore symmetry and fullness to your lips. A natural soft look.

Important: If you have ever had a cold sore in the past you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before any lip procedure. They usually instruct to take it for 2 days before.


Beautifulook creates very natural looking permanent cosmetics just for men. Full natural looking eyebrows that mimic your individual eyebrow hairs, defined natural eyelash line that frames your eyes, lip tint with just a hint of color to restore a fuller more youthful appearance, and scalp shading or hair simulation.

Scalp Shading camouflages the scalp by layering individual hairs on the thin areas, creating the illusion of full natural looking hair. Hair Simulation creates the look of a shaved head and a natural looking hairline by stippling hair stubble onto a bald head.

Beautifulook can create a natural looking beauty mark that accents the beauty of your face. They are usually located an inch or so above the upper lip, or anywhere you desire.


Beautifulook reduces the appearance of scars by applying individually blended skin toned pigments over the scar. Perfect after cosmetic surgery.

Symmetrical, beautiful, natural looking areolae are recreated after surgery or cancer treatments to restore your feminine beauty and well being.

Repigmentation is for anyone that wants to add color to faded areolae due to aging or just to enhance the shape and color of they're existing areola.

Custom blended skin toned colors are layered on the skin to restore skin pigmentation where it was lost due to Vitiligo.

We correct undesirable colors and shapes from outside technicians work. Beautifulook designs your new eyebrows, eyeliner and lips based on what enhances your beauty the most and works best with the shape of your face and features. As well as your skin tone, eye color and personal style. Our goal is to always make you the most beautiful that you can possible be.

Permanent makeup/cosmetics are designed to fade over time so you can update and recreate a new look as you age. We recommend seeing you again within 1 to 5 years depending on the rate that you fade, each person is different. Don’t wait until it fades completely.
20% off original price (for returning clients within the first 2 years)
These are some of Kiki’s paintings and art - she did as a commissioned artist. They are not for sale - just for you to get an idea of her background as an artist.

How we guarantee

you’ll love your Beautifulook

Our steps to ensure that you'll Love the Results

We begin with taking precise measurements and drawing on your makeup with an erasable pencil and only proceeding after your approval.

Then we apply your custom mixed pigments in precise layers, and you are able to check the work in progress to ensure you get the look that you want.

Finally, after 4 weeks you come back for you Perfection Visit, which is included in the price. This is where you can make changes if you wish to get the final results that you desire.

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