Is Permanent Cosmetics appropriate for men?

Men are excellent candidates for permanent makeup. It is now very common and acceptable for men to have lip color tint, lash enhancements, eyebrow hair strokes and hair follicle simulation performed by BeautifuLook. It is very natural looking and usually no one can notice that you have had anything done, just that you look well rested and better.

For men who have had face-lifts it is possible to camouflage face-lift scars or add hair strokes to enhance the sideburns that may have been moved.

How we guarantee

you’ll love your Beautifulook

Our steps to ensure that you'll Love the Results

We begin with taking precise measurements and drawing on your makeup with an erasable pencil and only proceeding after your approval.

Then we apply your custom mixed pigments in precise layers, and you are able to check the work in progress to ensure you get the look that you want.

Finally, after 4 weeks you come back for you Perfection Visit, which is included in the price. This is where you can make changes if you wish to get the final results that you desire.

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