Do I have to prepare before my permanent makeup procedure?

You can eat and drink anything you want before and after your procedure, this is not a surgical procedure. It is a good idea to eat before so you don’t get hungry during the procedure.

Refrain from taking any over the counter medications that thins the blood (like Advil, Aleve, Bufferin, Excedrin, Motrin, Nuprin, as well as aspirin) one day before. Do not stop taking anything your Dr. has prescribed, or without there consent. If your Dr. requires you to premedicate before a dental appointment then you will need to ask your Dr. if you need to do the same before your permanent makeup procedure.

You can return to work after your procedure if you wish.

  • It is very important if you have ever had a cold sore in the past that you get an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. They usually instruct to take it for 2 days before to prevent a possible outbreak.
  • If you have a color preference for a lip procedure, please bring your favorite lipstick for us to use as a reference.
  • If you are getting eyeliner, you will need to remove your eye makeup and contact lenses prior to the procedure. You can do this in our office if you wish.
  • If you wear contact lenses, have glasses available for after your eyeliner procedure.
  • Stop using Latisse at least one day before your procedure.
  • Do not use self-tanners for a minimum of a week before scar camouflage or areola restoration.

How we guarantee

you’ll love your Beautifulook

Our steps to ensure that you'll Love the Results

We begin with taking precise measurements and drawing on your makeup with an erasable pencil and only proceeding after your approval.

Then we apply your custom mixed pigments in precise layers, and you are able to check the work in progress to ensure you get the look that you want.

Finally, after 4 weeks you come back for you Perfection Visit, which is included in the price. This is where you can make changes if you wish to get the final results that you desire.

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